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Give Yourself More Time With Your Loved Ones

Your home should be the place where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and relaxed. You deserve to come back to a space that’s comfortable, radiant, and embraces you.

The last thing you should worry about is not having enough time for yourself because you always have to clean. If cleaning is always on your to-do list, you’re missing out on precious family time.

Cleaning can be a hassle. From scrubbing bathrooms and kitchen surfaces, to changing bed sheets, mopping the floors, and organizing everything – you don’t have to do it all. We’ll make sure your home stays clean and inviting at all times so that you get to spend more time with the ones you love.

Wiping Away Your Trouble

Regardless of how busy you might be, a clean and refreshed living space is important for your comfort and well-being.

We’re here to help you keep your home clean and tidy with professional weekly, monthly, or seasonal house cleaning services. Changing your linen, dusting cobwebs lurking behind furniture, removing mold from hard-to-reach surfaces, and erasing grease marks from every possible surface are just a few of the things you can forget about. 

Let us help you take care of your living space properly so that every time you come home after a long day, you can leave all hassle at the door and feel as if that’s where you belong.

Our Services

You deserve to feel confident knowing your home is in great hands. That’s why we maintain the highest standards for our cleaning services. You can expect impeccable service from trusted cleaning professionals that take pride in their work and know exactly how important it is to give you peace of mind.

Residential Cleaning

Finding the time to perfectly clean your home can be tough nowadays. The more you postpone it, the messier your house becomes, making you feel the opposite of peaceful and welcoming.

Your home is not just the place where you work, eat, and sleep, but an extension of who you are. As such, it must be treated with care and looked after regularly so it stays the healthy, clean, and lively environment where you can thrive.

That’s why we make it our top priority to help you give your home the personal attention it deserves. From exclusive deep cleaning operations to weekly cleaning schedules, we make sure that every inch of your home is looked after so that you can keep feeling at peace.

Deep Clean*


Involves completely stripping, disinfecting, and replacing each room individually. Includes things like removing grime, dirt, and dust from walls, doors, drawers, closets, and cabinets, scrubbing down appliances, moving furniture, and organizing the contents and materials of the room. Can include taking apart fans and cabinets. House is cleaned at one room per day, and usually takes about a week to complete.

Monthly Package (weekly service)*


Includes 1 initial deep clean followed by weekly service at $400/week (3 weeks in the first month). This covers kitchen detailing, bathroom disinfecting, aesthetically setting up bedrooms, floor maintenance, baseboard upkeeping, linens, and separating laundry at $25 per basket.

Seasonal Package (weekly service/3 months)*


Includes 2 deep cleans and weekly service at $375/week (11 weeks/season). This covers kitchen detailing, bathroom disinfecting, aesthetically setting up bedrooms, floor maintenance, baseboard upkeeping, linens, and separating laundry at $25 per basket.

Yearly Package (weekly service/12 months)*


Includes 4 deep cleans and weekly service at $350/week (52 weeks). This covers kitchen detailing, bathroom disinfecting, aesthetically setting up bedrooms, floor maintenance, baseboard upkeep, linens, and separating laundry at $25 per basket.

*Prices above are calculated based on a 2000 sq. ft. house. They may change depending on the total square footage, total number of rooms, if you have pets in the house, and your choice of linen service. You’ll receive an exact quote for your residential cleaning package after the phone consultation.


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Our Easy Process In 3 Steps

We understand how important living comfortably in a fresh, clean space is. From kitchen counters and coffee tables, to bedroom dressers, hallway closets, drawers, and every surface you can imagine - we make sure your home shines. Here’s how we do it:

1. Phone Consultation

When it comes down to tackling a new house cleaning project, one of the most important things is being able to set the right expectations.

Get in touch with us and send us some pictures of your space so we can get a clear idea about what the cleanout entails. We'll get back to you with a phone consultation to discuss how we can help you achieve a spotless home.

2. Contract Signing And Cleaning

Once you have selected your cleaning package, we create and sign the contract and finalize the payment details.

As soon as everything is set and payment is confirmed, we get started on turning your home into the clean and peaceful space you desire. We use premium, safe cleaning products and always make sure that all your assets are protected and well-cared for.

3. Love The Feel Of Your Clean Home

It’s time for you to live in a home that looks, smells, and feels great every day. Your space is a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Enjoy moments of comfort and peace in a home that’s always clean and maintained at the highest of standards. Clean, relax, rinse, repeat!

Offering You The Experience Of A Clean Home

Hi! I’m Sheila Dominguez and I’m the owner of Southern Bunny Cleaning. I started this business out of a wish to give people not only a clean home but a space that’s healthier, looks fantastic, and feels beyond comfortable.

To me, a clean space means more than dusting surfaces, wiping dirt off the countertops, or making beds look decent in the morning. It’s an experience in itself, one that can make or break your mood for the entire day.

This is why I’ve made it a mission to help you turn your home into a place where you and your family can come to and just be yourself. You can stop stressing about handling the daunting task of cleaning your home, because it’s now in the caring hands of a professional. Sit back, relax, and let us work our magic!

Sheila Dominguez - owner of Southern Bunny Cleaning

What Our Customers Say…

We provide all the services of a traditional cleaning company, but with a touch of style. We go above and beyond cleaning, making sure your place looks like it’s been revamped. Seeing you thrilled by how your home looks after we've cleand it is what keeps us going.


Before I started working with Southern Bunny Cleaning, I was having to balance cleaning with getting work done. I simply can’t work efficiently without a clean organized space.

Sheila helped me get everything organized and clean (there was a LOT to get done during her first clean). It was an absolute game changer for me.

Being on a weekly cleaning schedule kept the house cleaner than I had ever had it.

The biggest problem I have is now that I don’t live in PCB anymore, and don’t have her, I’m just not used to things not always being in tip top shape.

Cleaning services like SBC are hard to find.

When I was living in PCB, she made my weeks so much more productive, not having to worry about the state of the house, because it was never out of sorts!

If you think “oh I don’t need weekly cleaning, because the house doesn’t get dirty in a week” THATS THE POINT.  You can’t maintain a house with cleanings every other week, because it’s not until week 2 without a cleaning that everything starts to feel dirty again.

Trust Sheila. Trust the process. If you listen to her and let her do her thing, you’ll never have to deal with a dirty house again!



Prior to using this service, I was never fully satisfied with the quality of the cleaning I was receiving. I was searching for someone who truly cared about the quality of work they were performing.

Then I met Sheila! She was able to completely understand what I needed without even asking and her attention to detail went far beyond my expectations in every possible way.

She is on time, professional, diligent and respectful of all of my belongings as well. On a personal level, she is warm and funny and has a heart filled with love. That’s the bonus people don’t generally write about.

Since using Sheila, my house sparkles ✨!! You will be missing out on all this so I highly recommend her services. 10/10 💯 ❤️

Andrea Parish


This cleaning service helped me regain my mental strength.

I am a single mother of 4, ages ranging from 1 to 14 and I own and operate my own business. This leaves me little time to get things done around the house how I truly want.

This past summer, I went out of town for a few days and while I was away Southern Bunny Cleaning transformed my entire home. Every closet, every drawer, even the whole garage! I came back and entered what felt like a new home! The weight that was lifted from my shoulders was indescribable.

This service was exactly what I needed to set my home up to function around my busy life. I appreciate how Sheila put thought and passion into the flow of my home to make it work for me. Having a clean and organized home is priceless. It is a standard to healthy living. I am so grateful to have Sheila and Southern Bunny Cleaning!

Kelcie Baer


Sheila is such a sweetheart. My house was a mess, with all the dirt my children bring home. She came a made it new again 😭

My husband and I are so grateful. Definitely will contact her soon.

Dailyn Figueroa


Before hiring Sheila, we did not have a cleaner. She was highly recommend by a friend.

She did not disappoint. She goes over and beyond in her cleaning. Not only does she throughly clean the surface, she cleans way beyond where you wouldn’t expect. 

She is always dependable. Coming in after her cleaning is impressive. You will be wowed! I highly recommend her.

Velecia Barrow


Sheila is amazing!! It feels so good to walk into your home completely spotless and smelling amazing. No corners cut, absolute perfection.

I would recommend her for a short term rental or your personal home. Professionalism is on another level!!

Kerry Roberson

Embrace The Fresh, Clean Living Space You Deserve

We look forward to hearing about your residential cleaning needs. Fill out the form below and send us some pictures and a description of the service you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you for a phone consultation and give you an estimate for your personal cleaning service.